We are at the dawn of a new era: the next generation of products - phones, walkmans, radios… will be completely Internet-ready. Without requiring a PC, they will allow for the FREE Worldwide Exchange of voice, e-mail, music, photos and more.
Aplio Turnkey Technologies are fueling the explosion of these Internet Appliances, empowering Manufacturers to launch within a few months and at minimal cost.
Aplio offers a unique global solution, with a complete technology offering that includes chips, reference designs and software. Aplio technologies also lower design risks and enable easy product evolutions, as our technology features embedded Linux.
This unique combination of technology and services makes Aplio the ideal OEM partner for your Internet Phone, IP Phone, Smart phone, Screen Phone, E-mail Phone, MP3 Player, Web Radio projects, and more.



Cadence and Aplio Showcase the Single Chip VoIP Solution at VON Europe 2000


Cadence Design Systems and Aplio jointly announced they will showcase the Aplio/TRIOTM Chip and new designs based on the Aplio/TRIOTM Chip at the VON Europe 2000 show in Stockholm, Sweden. Click here to read more!


Aplio showcases its Single Chip VoIP Solution at Embedded Processor Forum


Aplio announced it will showcase Aplio/TRIO Chip, new designs based on the Aplio/TRIO Chip and VoIP Calls with True Telephone Sound Quality at the Embedded Processor Forum in San Jose, CA.


Aplio Demonstrates Aplio H323 to Phone at VON 2000


Aplio and IntelliSwitch jointly announced today they will showcase calls from an Aplio device to any PSTN Phone in the world, using IntelliSwitch H323 Gateway service at VON 2000 spring show in San Jose, CA (booth #217). Click here to read more!


Aplio/PRO Receives 2 Product-Of-The-Year Awards


Aplio/PRO powered by Aplio Embedded Linux and Aplio VoIP Software with PacketPlus™ Technology delivering True Telephone Sound Quality recognized for outstanding contributions to the Internet telephony industry. Click here to read more!


Atmel and Aplio Partnership


Atmel and Aplio have announced long-term partnership to distribute Aplio/TRIOTM and jointly develop nextgen chips for Internet Appliances. Aplio/TRIOTM is a complete single-chip solution featuring IC, embedded Linux and application software with True Telephone Sound Quality, fueling low-cost Internet Phone (VoIP), E-mail and MP3 Appliances. Click here to read more!     
Click here for more about Aplio/TRIO Chip


Aplio Announces Aplio/PRO IP Phone


Aplio has announced its first IP Phone appliance for the SOHO and small business market. Like the Aplio/Phone, the Aplio/PRO provides 100% free calls, but it connects to the Internet using an Ethernet connection, such as LANs, cable modems, and xDSL. Click here to read more!  


Aplio Announces Chip for Internet Appliances


Aplio has announced the first single chip solution for audio-enabled Internet Appliances. The Aplio TRIO processor gives manufacturers all the components necessary to easily develop low-cost, standalone Internet audio appliances, such as Internet Telephones, Internet Radios, and digital music players (MP3). Click here to read more!  


Aplio Embraces Linux


Aplio has selected Linux as the operating system for its future Internet appliances and embedded technology. This move allows Aplio to benefit from the growing popularity of the Linux operating system and its open source flexibility, among other significant advantages.


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